Easy Way Breakaway Heavy Duty Degreaser - 3.78 L

Item # 1200100101

  • A professional grade, heavy-duty degreaser that rapidly cuts through and eliminates stubborn greases, oils, and grime build-up on contact.
  • Non-combustible, with low VOC's
  • Environmentally responsible, creates safer work environment
3.78 L, ea
Manufacturers Item #1200100101
  • Description

Its proprietary blend of emulsifiers penetrate and suspend oil, grease, dirt, soot, and grime for quick, easy, streak-free rinsing. Excellent for use on walls, floors, and other water-safe hard surfaces, especially in industrial environments for machinery and equipment, engines and tools, garage floors, bathrooms, dumpster, trash-cutes and bins, caulking streaks, etc. Dilutions range from 1 to 7 up to 1 to 30, depending on contamination conditions.