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PRO-LINK® EcoPro® Low Density - 26 x 36, Strong, Black

PRO-LINK® EcoPro® Low Density - 26 x 36, Strong, Black

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Easy Way Industrial Glass Cleaner Concentrate - 3.78 L

Concentrated, alcohol and ammonia free formulation that quickly cuts through heavier soil deposits in plants, offices, hospitals, hotels, motels, schools, etc. Fast acting. May be diluted or used full strength.

Manufacturers Item #1200102101

Easy Way NeuClean "Original" Neutral Floor Cleaner - 3.78 L

A customer favorite for cleaning floors to retain the shine. Formulated to be non-dulling, and leaves a refreshing lemon fragrance. Floor finish safe.

Manufacturers Item #1200105101

Easy Way Pearl Lotion Skin Cleanser - 3.78 L

Gentle enough for both body and hair. Super concentrated and pH balanced to protect your skin. Specially formulated to be soft, fragrant and appealing to use.

Manufacturers Item #0000101781

Easy Way Sparkle Dish Detergent - 3.78 L

A liquid concentrate for hand washing that is specially formulated to cut through the tough greases and soils while being a 100% phosphate free formula. Environmentally preferred formula. Lemon fresh scent makes it pleasant to use.

Manufacturers Item #4000200001

Non-Para Urinal/Toss Block - 4 oz., Green Apple

Contains enzymes to reduce odors. Cleans and descales, biodegradable. Lasts up to 2000 flushes.

Manufacturers Item #17131

PRO-LINK® 20% Total Restroom Cleaner - 1 L

The daily or periodic use acid bowl cleaner that is safer to use. A multi-use cleaner that cleans and disinfects in one operation. Cleans like a 9 to 9.5% HCI with less volatility. Includes toggle dispensing caps.

Manufacturers Item #R200C

PRO-LINK® EcoPro® Low Density - 24 x 22, Utility, Black

These bags are manufactured with 100% recycled plastic to make 100% recyclable products that are 100% oxo-degradable. They are designed with leak-resistant seals and are excellent for your toughest applications. The bags come individually folded and are individually dispensed through the pop out opening on the front of the case for quick and easy access.

Manufacturers Item #EP2422UB

PRO-LINK® EP050 Bowl & Bathroom Cleaner - 1 L

Formulated as a replacement for Hydrochloric acid cleaners. Ready to use restroom and toilet bowl cleaner. Septic safe. Blend of organic salts. Food grade color. Not intended for use in a food handling environment of a food establishment (washroom cleaner). Exempt from review by Canadian Food Inspection Agency when used as directed.

Manufacturers Item #EP050-1L

Stoko® Spray® Dispenser - White

Compact plastic dispenser easily fits into small spaces and complements any décor. Contains a no-drip valve.

Manufacturers Item #50105