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PRO-LINK® EcoPro® Low Density - 26 x 36, Strong, Black

PRO-LINK® EcoPro® Low Density - 26 x 36, Strong, Black

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Easy Way Easybreeze Odour Eliminator & Fabric Refresher

A concentrated, non-toxic, biodegradable liquid that has a pleasant "Original Fresh" scent that counteracts and eliminates unpleasant odours. 3.78 L, 4 per case.

Manufacturers Item #1100100610

Easy Way WinterShine Floor Cleaner -3.78 L, Apple & Cinnamon

Quickly and effectively removes winter residue, such as salt, calcium chloride, soap or hard water film, and any ice melter residue.

Manufacturers Item #1200105800

PRO-LINK® 20% Total Restroom Cleaner - 1 L

The daily or periodic use acid bowl cleaner that is safer to use. A multi-use cleaner that cleans and disinfects in one operation. Cleans like a 9 to 9.5% HCI with less volatility. Includes toggle dispensing caps.

Manufacturers Item #R200C

PRO-LINK® EcoPro® EP060 Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 1 L

This is a ready to use septic safe bowl and urinal cleaner that dissolves dirt and scale with no strong fumes. Cleans toilet bowls and urinals and leaves them sparkling. Formulated as a replacement for hydrochloric acid cleaners. EcoLogo™ Certified. 6 per case.

Manufacturers Item #EP060-1L

PRO-LINK® EcoPro® EP100 Hand Cleaner - 4 L

Fragrance free hand and body lotion soap formulated to be non-sensitizing. It will effectively clean hands and body parts without being sensitive to skin. This product is EcoLogo™ Certified.

Manufacturers Item #EP100-4L

Stoko® Kresto® Classic Extra Heavy Duty Skin Cleanser

Extra heavy-duty cleanser for tough soils such as grease, oil, ink and carbon black. Contains all-natural, biodegradable walnut shell scrubbers. Low solvent content, good skin compatibility.

Manufacturers Item #87045

Stoko® Refresh® Foam Dispenser - Black

Small, attractive plastic dispenser perfect for front-end restrooms. New pump with every refill changeout for better hygiene and no clogging.

Manufacturers Item #29591

Stoko® Refresh® Moisturizing Foam Soap - 800 mL

Hygeni-Lok system means hygienically sealed refills provide a fresh new pump with every changeout. Green Seal Certified™. Thick, luxurious foam and light, fresh fragrance.

Manufacturers Item #29932

Urinal Screen w/Non-Para Block - 4 oz., Green Apple

Cleans and deodorizes for up to 2000 flushes. Non-para detergent block is 100% biodegradable. Contains enzymes to reduce odors. Cage designed to keep block above water level. 7" W x 7" H.

Manufacturers Item #17129