Easy Way WinterShine Floor Cleaner -3.78 L, Apple & Cinnamon

Item # 1200105800

  • Quickly and effectively removes winter residue, such as salt, calcium chloride, soap or hard water film, and any ice melter residue.
3.78 L, Apple & Cinnamon, 4/cs
Manufacturers Item #1200105800
  • Description

Use on ceramic tile and other floors not covered in wax or floor finish. Formulated with chelating agents and surfactants, WinterShine breaks down the white deposits and removes them from the floor surface. Will also leave an appealing apple and cinnamon fragrance. Excellent for use on: ceramic tile, concrete, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, brick, synthetic floors, and entrance grates. May also be use on Waterhog or equivalent entrance matting to remove salt and winter build up. Note: Please use NeuClean Track Remover on floors covered with floor finish as it will clean the floors without marring the floor finish shine.