Easy Way Air Elements Natural Air Refresher - 946 mL

Item # 1100100653

  • A concentrated, non-toxic, biodegradable liquid that has a pleasant "Ocean Blossom" scent that counteracts and eliminates unpleasant odors.
946 mL, Ocean Blossom, 6/cs
Manufacturers Item #1100100653
  • Description

May be diluted for a spray odor counteractant and used to freshen rooms or fabrics (curtains, upholstery, and carpet). May also be added to water for floor washing and carpet cleaning creating an "Ocean Blossom" fragrance in the air and eliminating offensive odors. Excellent for use in: washrooms, floor drains, diaper pails, bedpans, urinals, dumpsters, portable toilets, lockers, change rooms, waste receptacles, animal areas, or wherever offensive odors occur.