Easy Way Hint of Mint RTU Cleaner/Descaler - 946 mL

Item # 0800300101

  • A powerful, ready-to-use version of Easy Way's epic, professional grade descaler: Mint Condition.
  • Specially formulated for professionals
  • A dream cleaner/descaler concentrate that makes jobs easier
946 mL, ea
Manufacturers Item #0800300101
  • Description

A fast and effective, multi-purpose descaler that easily destroys the toughest calcium, hard water, lime, mineral, and soap scum buildup. Brings back the shine to surfaces marred by water spots and mineral deposits without having to do the work of dilution. Leaves behind a spotless clean and a fresh, pleasant fragrance. Excellent for use in: bathrooms, locker rooms, gym showers, spas, etc. For use on showerheads, ceramic tile, shower doors and stalls, bathtubs, toilet bowls, urinals, sinks, steam rooms, etc. Important: Not for use on marble, natural stone, or any other surface susceptible to etching.

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