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Purex® Premium 2 Ply Bathroom Tissue - 4.2" x 4"

Purex® Premium 2 Ply Bathroom Tissue - 4.2" x 4"

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Easy Way Breakaway Heavy Duty Degreaser - 3.78 L

A professional grade, heavy-duty degreaser that rapidly cuts through and eliminates stubborn greases, oils, and grime build-up on contact. Non-combustible, with low VOC's. Environmentally responsible, creates safer work environment.

Manufacturers Item #1200100101

Easy Way Glass Power RTU Professional Grade - 946 mL

Professional Grade glass cleaner Ready-to-use. Glass Power cleans, shines, and polishes any glossy or transparent surface quickly and easily. Gives you a streak free shine every time.

Manufacturers Item #1200102500

Merfin® Response® Natural Roll Towel - 7.5" x 800'

Yields better absorbency and hand drying efficiency. Good strength reduces "wet-tabs" and washroom litter. 1 Ply. Use iView dispensers: 51091W, 51091B.

Manufacturers Item #7850N

NPS® Response® Dispenser Roll Towel - 8" x 350', White

Hardwound Roll Towel (HRT). Yields better absorbency and hand drying efficiency. This results in reduced consumption. Good strength reduces "wet-tabs" and washroom litter. Excellent dispensing strength and performance. Reduce labor costs associated with refilling dispensers. Better performance results in high customer satisfaction. Reduced consumption equals cost savings. NPS is an approved supplier on the EPA's comprehensive procurement guidelines supplier listing. Ideal for high-traffic washrooms. 2" core. 1 ply.

Manufacturers Item #30100

PRO-LINK® Aerosol Glass Cleaner - 539 g

For cleaning and polishing glass, mirrors, windshields and windows. This easy-to-use, fast acting product uses a clinging foam to break up soils and hold them, even on vertical surfaces. There is no dripping, no running and no streaking. With an exclusive formulation using denatured alcohol and non ammonia, it cleans thoroughly, dries quickly, requires no rinsing and leaves a pleasant, fresh aroma.

Manufacturers Item #RA001C

PRO-LINK® EcoPro® EP060 Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 1 L

This is a ready to use septic safe bowl and urinal cleaner that dissolves dirt and scale with no strong fumes. Cleans toilet bowls and urinals and leaves them sparkling. Formulated as a replacement for hydrochloric acid cleaners. EcoLogo™ Certified. 6 per case.

Manufacturers Item #EP060-1L

PRO-LINK® EcoPro® EP100 Hand Cleaner - 4 L

Fragrance free hand and body lotion soap formulated to be non-sensitizing. It will effectively clean hands and body parts without being sensitive to skin. This product is EcoLogo™ Certified.

Manufacturers Item #EP100-4L

PRO-LINK® Premium Laundry Detergent - 1/2 oz. Pouch

Pre-measured water soluble pouch. With color-safe bleach and enzymes. Fast soil and stain removal. Delivers brighter whites and colors. Safe, low sudsing, phosphate free and biodegradable.

Manufacturers Item #PRO534C

White All Purpose Plain Terry Towel - 16" x 19"

100% new, all-cotton terry. No polyester to scratch delicate surfaces. Made of the best quality raw materials. Economical and cost effective. Reusable and can be laundered many times. Highly absorbent; strong and durable.

Manufacturers Item #PT26