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Merfin® Preferred White Center-Pull Hand Towel-7.8" x 600'

Merfin® Preferred White Center-Pull Hand Towel-7.8" x 600'

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Dermacare® Bold Heavy & Medium Duty Hand Cleanser - 2000mL

The "Go-To" hand cleaner for safely removing heavy duty contamination such as grease, grime, oils carbon, soot, and soils. Ask us about our complete Dermacare® Skincare program.

Manufacturers Item #050DCBOLD6X2000

Easy Way Fresh Scent NeuClean Neutral Floor Cleaner - 3.78 L

A concentrated neutral floor cleaner that has a refreshing Easy Breeze fragrance.

Manufacturers Item #1200105111

Easy Way Industrial Glass Cleaner Concentrate - 3.78 L

Concentrated, alcohol and ammonia free formulation that quickly cuts through heavier soil deposits in plants, offices, hospitals, hotels, motels, schools, etc. Fast acting. May be diluted or used full strength.

Manufacturers Item #1200102100

Easy Way Sparkle Dish Detergent - 3.78 L

A liquid concentrate for hand washing that is specially formulated to cut through the tough greases and soils while being a 100% phosphate free formula. Environmentally preferred formula. Lemon fresh scent makes it pleasant to use.

Manufacturers Item #4000200001

M2 Professional All Purpose Tampico Fine Sweep - 18", Wood

Soft to medium texture with good durability. An overall "all purpose" broom that is ideal in any warehouse or indoor facility where fine particles need to be swept or picked up.

Manufacturers Item #PB-T18

PRO-LINK® 23% Heavy Duty Bowl Cleaner - 1 L

The heaviest duty, fastest acting, PRO-LINK bowl cleaner. For heavy soil encrustation and hard water areas. Fragrance: Wintergreen. Includes toggle dispensing caps.

Manufacturers Item #69951

PRO-LINK® EcoPro® EP001 Glass Cleaner - 4 L

This is a non-ammoniated, concentrated glass cleaner. When diluted this product is economical and can be used to clean windows, mirrors, chrome, countertops, plastic surfaces and more. It will not leave a film or streak, it dries fast, and has no flash point, no alcohol and no harmful abrasives. This VOC free formula will not scratch even the most sensitive surfaces. This product is EcoLogo™ Certified.

Manufacturers Item #EP001C-4L

PRO-LINK® EcoPro® Low Density - 26 x 36, Regular, Black

These bags are manufactured with 100% recycled plastic to make 100% recyclable products that are 100% oxo-degradable. They are designed with leak-resistant seals and are excellent for your toughest applications. The bags come individually folded and are individually dispensed through the pop out opening on the front of the case for quick and easy access.

Manufacturers Item #EP2636RB

Dermacare® Pure Light Duty Hand Cleanser - 2000 mL

Has a light cleansing action that cleans all light dirt and soils that can be removed without the use of scrubbers and/or solvents. Ask us about our complete Dermacare® Skincare program.

Manufacturers Item #050DCPURE6X2000