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Lavo 6 Liquid Bleach 12% - 5 L

Lavo 6 Liquid Bleach 12% - 5 L

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Advantage® Super-Sorb Instant Absorbent - 12 oz.

Absorbs 60 times its' own weight in liquid. Instantly absorbs any liquid mess and transforms it into a manageable gel. Effective on urine, blood, vomit, oil and liquid spills. Simple to use - just sprinkle on liquid, then sweep up gel.

Manufacturers Item #17128

HYSO® HYScent Pod

The HYScent Pod's four-quadrant vent holes ensure that the device achieves an optimal 360° fragrance dispersion. Mounts anywhere. Does not use aerosols or other harmful propellants. No programming required.

Manufacturers Item #832111

Merfin® Preferred 1 Ply Bathroom Tissue - 3.75" x 2250'

Made from premium Green Seal™ Certified paper. Soft, super absorbent. High capacity rolls. Environmentally safe for your toilet. Core: 2.3"; Diameter 9". Use dispenser: 2100, 2200.

Manufacturers Item #108

Non-Para Urinal/Toss Block - 4 oz., Green Apple

Contains enzymes to reduce odors. Cleans and descales, biodegradable. Lasts up to 2000 flushes.

Manufacturers Item #17131

Wayne Tuff® Cobalt Blue Disposable Nitrile Glove - Large

100% nitrile with no fillers and no natural rubber latex protein (latex free). Puncture and tear resistant. Excellent sensitivity. More durable for prolong usage. Better protection against oil, grease and organic solvents. Powder Free. Approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Health Canada Class 2 Medical Device License.

Manufacturers Item #15I-700PFCBL