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Easy Way Fresh Scent NeuClean Neutral Floor Cleaner - 3.78 L

Easy Way Fresh Scent NeuClean Neutral Floor Cleaner - 3.78 L

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Janitized® 2-Ply Paper Meltblown Micro Filter For CleanMax

CleanMax standard and Pro series vacuum cleaners. Includes secondary filters.

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M2 Professional Acrylic Bowl Swab

Economical acid resistant bowl swab attached to a strong handle. Fast drying acrylic yarn will not drip.

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M2 Professional SYNRAY Cut End Mop - 20 oz., Bagged

Narrow band. 4 row stitched.

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PRO-LINK® 20% Total Restroom Cleaner - 1 L

The daily or periodic use acid bowl cleaner that is safer to use. A multi-use cleaner that cleans and disinfects in one operation. Cleans like a 9 to 9.5% HCI with less volatility. Includes toggle dispensing caps.

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PRO-LINK® EcoPro® Caution Wet Floor Sign - 28"

The hinge system and tall design makes it stronger, preventing it from flattening out. The four point stance prevents it from leaving marks on waxed floors.

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White All Purpose Plain Terry Towel - 16" x 19"

100% new, all-cotton terry. No polyester to scratch delicate surfaces. Made of the best quality raw materials. Economical and cost effective. Reusable and can be laundered many times. Highly absorbent; strong and durable.

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