BinZyme RTU Dock, Dumpster & Chute Treatment - 210 L Drum

Item # 1100108145

  • Simply spray BinZyme, a proprietary blend of Enzyme and Bacterial Cultures with odour counteractants, for both short term and long term odour control.
  • Contains an odour counteractant and enzymes
  • Also contains non-pathogenic bacteria
210 L Drum, ea
Manufacturers Item #1100108145
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Powerful enzymes break down contaminants allowing the bacteria to consume them, leaving behind only CO2 and water. This eliminates the source of unpleasant odours. With regular use of BinZyme, the containers will have an improved appearance and be odour-free. Please note that the bacteria will only remain active and digest the waste and odours as long as the surfaces are damp. Continued dampness will allow residual BinZyme activity.

  • BinZyme has powerful and effective cleaning and deodorizing of: Garbage chutes, waste disposal bins, restaurants, fairgrounds, apartment buildings, rental units, industrial facilities, schools, hospitals, arenas, recreation facilities, campgrounds, garba