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Easy Way Easybreeze Odour Eliminator & Fabric Refresher

Easy Way Easybreeze Odour Eliminator & Fabric Refresher

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NPS® Response® Dispenser Roll Towel - 8" x 800', White

Hardwound Roll Towel (HRT). Yields better absorbency and hand drying efficiency. This results in reduced consumption. Good strength reduces "wet-tabs" and washroom litter. Excellent dispensing strength and performance. Reduce labor costs associated with refilling dispensers. Better performance results in high customer satisfaction. Reduced consumption equals cost savings. NPS is an approved supplier on the EPA's comprehensive procurement guidelines supplier listing. Ideal for high-traffic washrooms. 2" core. 1 ply.

Manufacturers Item #30300

NPS® Response® Multi-Fold Hand Towel- White, 9.4"x9.25"

Easy-to-dispense folded towels dry hands fast.

Manufacturers Item #21250